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Metaphysical Questions: An International Conference


29-31 October 2015

Among the topics discussed will be task of metaphysics and metametaphysics, the ontology of categories and ordinary objects, the nature of material composition and grounding, the essence of relations and order, the analysis of causation and time, and the connections between common sense, science, and truthmakers.

University of Milan
Palazzo Feltrinelli
Gargnano, Brescia
Lake Garda, Italy

Carla Bagnoli
University of Modena

Bill Brewer
King’s College London

Andrea Bottani
University of Bergamo

Javier Cumpa
University of Milan

Cian Dorr
New York University

Maurizio Ferraris
University of Turin

John Heil
Washington University in St Louis

Luca Illetterati
University of Padova

Fraser Macbride
University of Glasgow

Francesco Orilia
University of Macerata

L. A. Paul
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Gary Rosenkrantz
University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Peter Simons
Trinity College Dublin

Erwin Tegtmeier
University of Mannheim

Paolo Valore
University of Milan

Achille Varzi
Columbia University

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